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Baked Potatoes and Other Dishes – Event Catering

When it comes to catering, one can presume there are endless possibilities when you hear this latest news. It is reported that the famous Hollywood star Matt Damon ordered special sushi foods to be catered on his flight from Australia where he had spent a few days for promoting his film. The news report goes on to say that the actor had tasted these foods from Merivale’s Sushi E restaurant at a private dinner and was just bowled over and wanted his entourage also to enjoy the delicacies on board as well. It was a private jet on which he was travelling out of Sydney. Agencies handling event catering have to be prepared for such odd requests. It only goes on to enhance their reputation.


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Get Jacket Potatoes Served Up in Local Sports Events

The counties in England have many big and small clubs playing cricket and football and tennis, and they have their own cosy communities. They organise internal tournaments and even some friendly matches with other clubs nearby. These events are invariably ended with the serving of refreshments, and the members, their families and other guests enjoy some nice food. So sporting event catering in the Midlands is a regular feature. It can be an all-inclusive arrangement where the caterer could come in, set up their marquee or a gazebo and prepare the dishes and serve them. It could include a few items with some beverages thrown in.

As for the menu, some of the traditional dishes like jacket potatoes are still favoured. Agencies offering baked potato catering in Leicester bag many of these catering assignments for these events. The chosen and best-quality potatoes are baked and toppings made with beef, fish or vegetables are served as dishes. The other fillings often used are coleslaw, chicken and cheese. See more Merivale’s Sushi E restaurant

If the sporting event catering in Leicestershire is limited to the lunch break, and the game continues after the break, then the sportspersons would want only lighter helpings as they cannot consume heavy food. The event catering company takes care of these aspects while finalising the menu for such sports events. See more here Good Spuds

Services also have to match the Quality of Food

The organisers of sporting events, small or big, will expect excellence in service from the event catering agencies. It is generally a given that the quality of the dishes in terms of the taste, and the presentation is always of top quality. The agencies would have been doing these for many years. They would also know how to make those alterations in the menu to accommodate special requests. Some customers might want less fatty foods and hence, fried foods are reduced.

Apart from these, the very presentation, the way the entire catering is done, the crockery and cutlery used and all other arrangements are taken care of by the caterers. The timely serving of the dishes, preparing the stuff in adequate quantities are also factors the catering contractors cannot overlook.

There are sporting events of every nature held in counties like the Midlands and Leicester. The catering for these events has to be organised in the best possible way. Traditional food preparations like baked potatoes also get served in these events.